Carters Taxidermy

About The Artist

Tim Carter is an experienced taxidermist belonging to the Mountain West Taxidermy Organization and Montana Taxidermist Association. Taxidermy started out as a hobby for Tim when he was eight years old.  He learned from watching his older brother; then went to school learning from an award winning taxidermist.  Tim has also received awards for his work at the reginal and state level.

  Tim is an avidimg 1075 hunter and is passionate about preserving the natural beauty of every animal.  His specialty is recreating that natural beauty in every mount.  His expertise lies in the areas of upland birds, waterfowl, big game, fish, and small mammals.  Tim takes pride in recreating that special moment during your hunt.  Hearing your stories and envisioning your adventure helps him to capture that memory and preserve it for years to come.


Tim uses only quality materials in all the mounts that he crafts.  He truly enjoys getting creative with each individual piece of art.  Tim takes pleasure in recreating your hunting experience and preserving your hunting memory.